The WORLD JIU JITSU FESTIVAL offers easy access to many of the leading MMA and BJJ retailers, not to mention a rare opportunity to get your brand and product out in front of these unique target market.

Each area within the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL will work together to showcase the diverse interests of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Representing every subculture and trend from BJJ brands to MMA brands, the finest gyms and blackbelts in the world, champions, legends, students, fighting culture, and everything in between. Together these areas create an energetic, authentic environment that reflects the healthy, bold, and brash life style of those who consume the products.The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL offers unparalleled access to retailers of every size, from individual BJJ schools to national mass market chains and an unlimited opportunity to increase sales and distribution for participating brands. The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL is where the international community of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes, champions, students, professionals, fans, apparel, and equipment brands trade information, discover new talents, build businesses,and shop the BJJ lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the industry. While at the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with emerging to established gyms, brands, and fighters to spark strategic connections that forge the relationships of tomorrow.

The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL brings together the largest and most influential Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu network of black-belts, champions, students, brands, media, and decision makers via innovative initiatives, conveniently merchandised show areas, exclusive access to back stage and VIP BJJ training sections. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and October 5th-6th, 2019 will mark the launch of the WORLD JIUJITSU FESTIVAL, the high-octane home of all things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sports. An interactive destination providing an insider’s perspective on the trends shaping the lives of today’s BJJ practitioners and fans. Combining incomparable commercial potential, creative inspiration, and networking opportunities, the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL is destined to become the most influential force in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. More business will be realized at the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL than at any other BJJ retail trade event, making it the definitive platform for conducting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu business.

The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL is where brands are built, distribution broadened, and brand recognition enhanced. As BJJ’s foremost trade forum, the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL connects exhibitors to the global purchasing power of thousands of men, women, and children who practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or have any direct or indirect contact with the sport. The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL delivers unique brand-building advantages:

REACH. Get exposed to buyers across the United States and other countries with an audience of thousands of attendees including many of the top 50 retailers.

PROFIT. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners train BJJ several days a week and shop often for apparel and sports products. BJJ practitioners are HIGH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS of countless products related to BJJ. The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL will not only give your brand major exposure, but you will profit by selling your products to thousands of BJJ practitioners attending the festival.

CONNECT. Matchmaking programs and a specialized retail relations staff introduce brands to the best-suited buyers, promoting new relationships and providing exposure for lesser-known labels.

TRUST. Means more retailer relationships than any other BJJ showcase.

TARGET. Intuitive merchandising via unique show environments ensures the most appropriate positioning, resulting in the most targeted retailer exposure.

NETWORK. The largest BJJ network in the world gives you access to the most sought-after industry events, forums, and meetings fuel relationships with key figures and top retailers in the sport.

PROMOTE. Powerful pre-show marketing focused on bringing buyers, press and key BJJ influencers to the show, delivers unparalleled industry access and brand exposure.

MARKET. Map your show. The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL’s virtual show planning tool, increases visibility by allowing attendees to search for exhibitors by name, product, and category.

SEMINARS. FREE seminars with some of the top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters, champions, and leading Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coaches in the BJJ business are at your disposal. Delivered by the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL.

INFLUENCE. Unparalleled media and press presence comprised of print, online, and broadcast journalists from all over the world spread the word worldwide about the people and products at the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL.

MMA FIGHTERS. As we all know, it’s common to see MMA fighters in BJJ schools. BJJ coaches are always sharing their most valuable techniques with MMA fighters. For many of them, BJJ represents the foundation of their fighting styles. MMA fighters will be showing their support at the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL.

SAVE. Exclusive access to the most competitive hotel rates in Long Beach, California makes staying on budget easier and more enjoyable than ever.

REFUEL. Attendees at the WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL will enjoy eating at one of the multiple onsite amenities offering a wide selection of food and drinks, enabling exhibitors to take a break or grab a bite without leaving the show floor.

SERVICE. The WORLD JIU-JITSU FESTIVAL’s team of organizers caters to attendees every need via on-call, courtesy assistance with hotel and restaurant reservations, transportation, entertainment accommodations, and insider recommendations.